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Mobility Repairs

Introduced in 1996, mobility products are our fastest growing addition to the spectrum of equipment that we maintain and repair. Because of our extensive experience in commercial wheelchairs and scooters, we quickly migrated into personal mobility products. In addition to personal wheelchairs, power chairs and scooters, we repair walkers, and lift chairs as well as many other mobility-related devices. Call us with any repair inquiries. 


Power Chair Repairs

V V C Repair offers scooter and power chair owners affordable options on repairs. We will assess your chair and provide a detailed list of needs along with a breakdown of all charges for you to review. Upon your approval we will move forward.


- Service call to your home by one of our techs

- Pickup-Delivery by one of our delivery drivers

- You bring the chair to our facility


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What kind of chair do I have?


A mobility scooter has three or four wheels, a flat area for the feet, and a handlebar to steer. The levers that control forward and reverse are located on the handle bar. All scooters are battery powered. Two batteries are stored under the seat and are charged via a separate battery charger.

Power chair

Power chairs, generally, have four or six wheels contacting the ground. The drive wheels are typically somewhat larger than the castor wheels. Front wheel drive models have swivel casters in the rear and anti-tip wheels up front. Center wheel drive power chairs have swivel castors at both front and rear for a six-wheel layout. These units are controlled by a joystick style of controller.

What's the difference between a Scooter and Power Chair

The Difference

Scooters are typically portable and used for shopping or hard surface use. The steering radius is much larger than that of the power chairs so they typically are not used in a home where turning space can be minimal. These typically break down into five or six components that are easily stored in a trunk or the back of a van.

Power chairs, on the other hand, are excellent for maneuvering within tight areas such as in a home. They require ramps or lifts to enter and exit a building and special lifts for transporting in a vehicle. Those type of power chairs with larger drive wheels are more adept to outside use.


Automobile Lifts and Ramps:

We Service

Harmar, Braun, Pride

Scooters, Power Wheelchairs, Manual Wheelchairs, and Lift Chairs:

We Service

Amigo, Drive Medical, Golden Technologies, Invacare, Ki Mobility, Mart Cart, Merits, Pride, Quickie , and many more!

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