Maintenance programs

It has been our experience through the years that, if no one is keeping up with the prescribed maintenance, unexpected problems are inevitable. Battery and propane-powered equipment require a regular maintenance routine. Due to the complexity of the equipment, different aspects of maintenance are required monthly, weekly, and even daily. Our maintenance program works hand-in-hand with our training program to generate a system that virtually eliminates unexpected repair problems. As a complete service center, our job is to provide, in detail, the maintenance needs of each machine. You, as an overseer, can then determine what degree of maintenance can be handled in-house and what you would prefer be done by us. In short, if your team were to fall short on their upkeep of the equipment, our maintenance program assures that you are informed. We have developed an extensive checklist for each type of equipment your facility may use. This allows us to be certain that the entire unit is operating at the manufacturer's specifications. We tailor programs to fit your budget in monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or even bi-annual increments.

We also offer our training program (below) at little to no cost when you agree to a regular maintenance program. Give us a call and we will gladly assemble a program that fits your needs as well as your budget.

Training programs

Our training programs are tailored to fit the equipment you have and the volume of use that equipment receives. When providing training classes, we prefer smaller groups to allow for questions and answers pertaining directly to the equipment you are using. Each student will be given a form that provides a complete breakdown of what is to be done nightly, weekly and monthly. This form has been developed by our company for both battery and propane-powered floor care equipment. By being an independent service center with years of experience on almost every brand in the industry, we are able to provide detailed information and training specifically for your equipment. This training is provided at your location, allowing us to work hands on with your team on your own machinery.

Training also provides a useful tool for department overseers. When your staff is fully trained on the use and maintenance required for your equipment they can be held accountable for its general condition. This also provides an additional tool for evaluations of employees, giving you the ability to promote those that care for and take the time to keep up with the equipment that they are using.

Give us a call with a list of your equipment and any problems that you have encountered and we will work with you to streamline your environmental services department.

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